A Train to the Countryside

The main task of the day was catching the train from Sundbyberg to Arboga so that we might spend Christmas with my partner’s family. It’s a fairly short slippery walk to the train station, enjoying the crisp crunch of gravel and ice. We did make a quick stop into a drug store to grab some allergy medicine that I had forgotten to pack and my … Continue reading A Train to the Countryside

A Grand Christmas Table

There is a tradition in Sweden of a julbord, or a Christmas table, where all the traditional Christmas foods are laid out and eaten in a gastronomic display of elegance and fortitude that can test the mettle of any person. For our trial by taste, my partner had selected two restaurants. The first was meant to be at Fjäderholmarnas krog, located on the closest island … Continue reading A Grand Christmas Table

“We have already been 4.5 hours on this…lovely bus”

The day began early, 3am alarm to be ready for a 4 am pick up. Not that it was needed as we were both already awake, unable to truly sleep with the looming travel day ahead. Still we rolled out of bed, dressed in our previously selected clothing, and headed out. Bizarrely, as we approached the elevator I saw a familiar face looking at me … Continue reading “We have already been 4.5 hours on this…lovely bus”

Northern Summer: Haga Park and the Butterfly House

The weekend was upon us and I was excited to be able to explore with my fiancé, who had to work during week days. We had chatted about visiting Haga park, a large park where the crown Princess has her residence, and the Butterfly House on its grounds. Although the weather was partly cloudy we decided that is was our best chance to visit. Ideally, … Continue reading Northern Summer: Haga Park and the Butterfly House