A Train to the Countryside

The main task of the day was catching the train from Sundbyberg to Arboga so that we might spend Christmas with my partner’s family.

A dusting of snow still counts for a white Christmas

It’s a fairly short slippery walk to the train station, enjoying the crisp crunch of gravel and ice. We did make a quick stop into a drug store to grab some allergy medicine that I had forgotten to pack and my allergies had started flaring up just from the dust of our house. Headed to a house with 2 cats, I would need to be prepared.

This would be my second time taking this particular train as we had used it when last we were in Sweden. For perspective, my partner and I live in the Seattle area and will occasionally take the train up to Vancouver, BC. The distance is roughly the same, but the train to Arboga is more than three times faster and costs a quarter of the price. Additionally, it has double deckers train cars, with great big windows to take in the passing countryside, and is blissfully quiet.

Once safely in Arboga, we met up with my partner’s mom and all piled in the car to make the trip out to their country house.

The next few days will be for family time and good food, walks on country lanes and long dark nights by the wood fire.


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