Winter Walks

Having forsaken an alarm clock at the start of this adventure, I remember being woken up by my partner trying to make conversation with me but I did not stay awake for long. Later on I was more forcefully awakened by the ultimatum that we needed to leave in 45 minutes to meet up with our friend as we planned. I’d slept entirely through the morning and it was almost noon.

In that we arrived to the condo just before midnight, it was to be expected.

Still I rolled out of bed, wrapped myself in my usual layers, and we set off.

It is always a joy seeing old friends again. Each time we come to Stockholm there is careful coordination, making sure we can see as many of our Stockholm friends as possible. Due to our misadventures in Iceland we had already missed the to opportunity to see some family so when we were able to reschedule a little lunch and nature walk date, we would not stay away.

Our friend had moved to a new house, in Stockholm’s only ecological village. It had been built to test out ecological building practices and materials, but unfortunately no more were built within the city area so our friend had been waiting to move here for some 4 years. She told us the story of the previous owner, a women of 80 years, who hadn’t made any changes or improvements to the property since she moved in so you can imagine the renovations that were taking place now. Excited for the project, we were shown all the hard work which had already been put into the house and told of some of the plans to come. Sitting at the dining table with the low winter sun shining through the southward facing windows, you could hear the pride in her voice as she spoke. She was happy there.

To further improve the situation, the community lay on the edge of a nature preserve so before lunch we took a short meander through the reserve, each sharing stories of our time apart and all that had passed. A marriage. A boat trip. A surgery. A beautiful crisp day, the sound of crunching snow and bright laughter breaking the stillness of the woods.

All too soon it was time to leave, for us a Christmas table, for her the need to get some work done. It’s never good bye, just until we see you next time.


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