A Sunny Sunday

The following morning we awoke, myself gradually, my partner fitfully. They are generally a lighter sleeper than I so by the time I was waking up for good, they had been mostly awake for several hours.

Our hotel offered a continental breakfast so we decided to try it out, hopeful that it would follow the Scandinavian tradition we had come to expect in Nordic countries.

The breakfast spread. Fruit was at a different counter.

It did, in fact, follow our hopes and we were soon enjoying grapefruit juice, coffee, lovely bread, and gravlax.

Thus fortified we didn’t really have a plan for the morning other than to wander around town and enjoy the projected fine weather while it lasted. We visited again Halgrímskirkja and attempted to find a particular licorice our friend has recommended.

The main excitement for the day would be a trip to the Blue Lagoon but I think that shall be it’s own chapter.


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