Northern Summer: Haga Park and the Butterfly House

Butterfly path

The weekend was upon us and I was excited to be able to explore with my fiancé, who had to work during week days. We had chatted about visiting Haga park, a large park where the crown Princess has her residence, and the Butterfly House on its grounds. Although the weather was partly cloudy we decided that is was our best chance to visit. Ideally, a person would go to the Butterfly house on a sunny day as the sun makes the butterflies more active. Fun fact!

Paired with the Butterfly house is an aquarium so that one is walking through leafy green rooms with large open water tanks, while various fish meander past. There were turtles and tortoises in habitats, as well as some little plump birds that wandered under the canopy of leaves.

After enjoying the sights, we departed the now busy attraction, and, the weather being fine, decided to walk around the park. Nearby was the famous Copper Tents, metal structures completed in 1790 that resemble pavilion tents.

The Sultan’s Copper Tents

We stumbled upon a children’s play area that resembled a little amphitheater with shops while looking for the foundation of a castle that was never completed. The ruin, which we eventually found, is tucked away in the woods and posted with signs to keep people away and off of it. The castle, a project started by Gustaf III, the same king who had the Amphion built, was not finished as the king was assassinated. It seemed like Gustaf III references were following me around.

Emerging from the woods, we found ourselves near the Crown Princess’s compound which is not permitted to be photographed or recorded, or even described, to preserve some of that family’s privacy. Mostly I was disappointed I couldn’t take a picture of the sheep inside the fenced area.

We continued around the outside path of the park, finding a Grecian pavilion called the Temple of Echo due to its resonant construction. By now the day had turned rather cloudy and we were worried it might rain. We made it scarcely two hundred feet when the sky open up and rain poured, sending us scrambling under one of the ancient oaks that lined the path. It was quite a romantic scene, the two of us huddled under a broad leaf tree as the rain fell and fell.

We tree hopped our way for some time down the path, seeking out new shelter as the rain came on and off again. There was a magnificent swan and passel of ducks who were unperturbed by the wet weather that watched us and whom we watched in turn.

We were getting a bit hungry so we stopped by a little snack hut along the way. The attendant turned out to be a lovely Australian who was so kind and easily jumped between English and Swedish as I stumbled through ordering. A Swede will often switch entirely to English upon realizing my ignorance so it was comforting to have someone give me more opportunities to practice speaking and making mistakes.

Ice cream volcano!

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